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We were very happy with your products and service last year! We appreciate your generous Signing Bonus offer.
- Sinking Springs, PA

I'm very excited.  I have definitely decided that we will have My Holiday Fair Store again, because it was such a SUCCESS.  The students love the Store and so did the staff.   The Holiday Fair Store was so organize and exciting, the students really enjoyed the Store.
- Desoto, Tx

"This is the easiest store we've ever done.  Love the boxes!! (tray bins) I can't imagine going back to the old way of sorting and stacking ever again."
- Irving, TX

"Our Parents loved the selection.  We can't wait till next year!"
- Dallas, TX

"Our holiday sale was a huge success."
- Clinton, Maryland

"Our students (and their moms and dads) look forward to this every year!"
- Dallas, TX

"The service has been wonderful!"
- Amarillo, Texas

"This was our first year to offer students My Holiday Fair . . . the participation was high and the students enjoyed it."
- Irving, Texas

"Tray system was nice for keeping items separate and easily at access . . . the prize donated for our Family Event was GREAT!"
- Lewisville, Texas

"The selection of the merchandise is great. The students had a wonderful time shopping for their families."
- Windsor, Pennsylvania

"Thanks so much for all the help. We had a successful Christmas shop and the children were really excited."
- Powell PTA Officers

"The women taking the orders were very kind and helpful, since I had never done this before. Thanks again and I would definitely recommend your company to others!!"
- Chino, California

"It is not everyday I encounter people who go out of their way to help solve a problem caused by someone else, even in a work place."
- Charlestown, Massachusetts

"We appreciate your flexibility in the use of this stocking so that our students may participate in the joy of giving."
- Rockwall, Texas

"My Holiday Fair is the easiest Santa Shop we have ever used"
- Palm Springs, FL

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