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How My Holiday Fair Works

Step 1:

When you sign up you'll get a promotional kit to help you recruit volunteers and advertise dates of the store. Choose the dates of your sale (Tuesday through Thursday are recommended) and send home the information flyers with the children. Select your own profit level by choosing your desired markup. Inventory arrives packed neatly and safely in boxes. Confirmation is made simple with our special Inventory Check-In sheets.


Step 2:

All items come ready to sell in our efficient Tray/Bin system. This keeps merchandise in order and helps reduce the space required for the sale. Just lay out the tray boxes on a few long tables, fold open the display top and you're ready to go! Children bring home a budget envelope a few days before the shop opens so that parents can decide with them on a budget for each person on their list.


Step 3:

The sale itself requires only a few volunteers and everything you need is provided by us. A cash register can even be provided for qualifying schools--call today to find out if you qualify.


Step 4:

When the sale is closed for the day simply fold over the display top and lock up. Tray/bins are so compact they can even be stored in a closet.


And Remember . . .

When it's all over, we'll arrange to pick up any unsold merchandise. You pay only for the items you sold! Guaranteed next day delivery on your first reorder placed by 2:30 pm CST

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