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My Holiday Fair Christmas Store
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Hold a My Holiday Fair Christmas Store at your school this season and you receive one of the following:

6 foot stocking

A Giant 8' Inflatable Snowman - FREE!

Use this valuable gift in many ways:

  • Raise money by holding a raffle at your school
  • Give this snowman to your school's favorite charity
  • Every student which comes through My Holiday Fair can get a chance to win the Giant Snowman.

Kids Kash

Kids Kash

Coupon bucks for students to purchase merchandise (up to $300.00 per school)


Giant 6' Stocking

Filled with name brand toys. Includes raffle tickets. Use as a 2nd fundraiser or give it away!


or choose . . .


Cash Register

Cash Register To Use During Sale

Once the register is programmed, you can press a single key for each item purchased and cash register automatically tells you cost and calculates total sale.

Automatically inventories your program, tracks sales.

Gives you a complete record of your sales for future reference.

  • Faster, easier, less work for your volunteers.
  • No more tedious inventory-taking.
  • No more math errors.
  • Dramatically speeds up checkout time.

Register features:

  • .10 Departments - Register will record transactions in 10 categories and total by category on department report (5 Department keys with 2 shift levels)
  • 100 Price Look Ups - PLU function memorizes price for 100 items allowing for quicker item entry
  • 8 Clerk totals - Allows tracking sales of 8 clerks using clerk number system
  • Quiet high-speed printer
  • IR-40 Ink roller
  • X/ For key
  • 2 Tax tables
  • Heavy-duty cash box with media slot
  • Automatic time and date advance
  • Calculator function
  • 3 payment media - Cash, Check, & Charge
  • Complete security - Mode key switch, drawer lock, error and look-up alarm
  • Merchandise Subtotal function
  • Dimensions: 14.3/16"(L) x 13"(W) x 8.3/4" (H)
  • Weight: 9.4 lbs


You will also receive . . .


Additional Bonuses

A My Holiday Fair Savings Bank for each student


A Treasure Chest  full of 144 items to sell or give away to needy students.

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